Window Cleaning

Clean windows can enhance the appearance of a room and add beauty, as well as bring in natural sunlight. Window cleaning also helps your windows last longer. Over time, windows can become damaged from hard water and mineral buildups.

We clean your windows using a soft mop and non-phosphorous soap. We then use a squeegee to wipe away the dirty water and suds from the glass. The result is a perfectly clean, clear and streak free window.

Window services we offer and what they include:

Inside Window Cleaning- cleaning the glass and wiping up any drips that may get on the sills

Outside Window Cleaning- Cleaning the glass. It also includes removing the screens, wiping them down and putting them back in the window after cleaning.

Window Tracks- This is cleaning the track where the window slides. This can be added on with an inside window cleaning but is an additional service/charge. We offer this separately instead of automatically raising the inside window price to include it because many customers do not want the additional service.

Skylights- We offer both inside and outside cleaning of skylights. This includes cleaning the glass (or plexiglass). We do offer skylight frame cleaning as well if you have moss or algae build up on the frames.

Solar Panels- We offer solar panel cleaning. These are cleaned with a water fed pole/soft brush and rinsed off after cleaning. Regular solar panel cleaning helps remove dirt and pollen build up and helps them to be maintain their efficiency.

Interior Glass- We also offer interior glass cleaning which includes but is not limited to mirrors, French Doors, cabinet glass etc. 

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