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Our wet and cool environment promotes the growth of moss, algae and lichen. Moss holds itself to its substrate using root like structures call rhizoids. These structures grow into tiny cracks in the roofing material, acceleration degradation and potentially leading to roof damage and leaks. Moss also holds moisture on the roof allowing decay causing organisms to get a foothold.

With regular moss removal, chemical treatment and general maintenance you can extend the life of your roof.

BLOWING/SWEEPING: Some roofs just need a good sweeping and blowing to remove dirt, debris and pine needles.

CHEMICAL TREATMENT: Even newer roofs should be treated with zinc sulfate to ward off the growth of moss.

ROOF SCRUBBING: If your roof requires scrubbing, we start by applying a zinc sulfate moss treatment and allowing that to sit for 3-4 weeks to start killing the moss. We then come back to scrub the roof with brushes to remove the moss. We follow this up with a post treatment of mosskill to help prevent re-growth within the first year.

PICKING: Shake/shingle roofs can require manual picking for moss removal.

We do NOT pressure wash roofs due to the damage this can cause.

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